Davies, Corinne - Steam-Driven Seduction [Steampunked Lust 3] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)

Davies, Corinne - Steam-Driven Seduction [Steampunked Lust 3] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting) by Corinne Davies Read Free Book Online

Book: Davies, Corinne - Steam-Driven Seduction [Steampunked Lust 3] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting) by Corinne Davies Read Free Book Online
Authors: Corinne Davies
until they both settled down
    Julien was the first to lower his guns and tuck them back in the holder at the small of his back. “If you wanted to kill me, Miguel, you would’ve put a bullet in my head the moment I stepped onboard and been long gone by the time anyone knew what happened.”
    There was a knock at the door heralding the refreshments that Julien had ordered. Miguel lowered his gun and Kass did the same as Julien walked over and allowed his steward to serve them.
    The tea wasn’t as good as the scotch, but it was pleasant enough and allowed him a clearer head to decide what his next move would be. His plans had changed. He was going to ensure that both the Kincaids trusted him, because he wanted them both in his bed as soon as possible. All that was left to decide was if he should attempt to seduce them at the same time or separately.

    * * * *

    Kass didn’t miss the appreciative looks that Miguel was giving her from his place on the sofa. He remained relaxed and stretched out like a cat in a ray of sunshine. But she could see the predator behind his lazy gaze. Truth be told, Miguel gave off a lot of false impressions. He looked like an overgarbed fop, but she could see his clothes had been carefully tailored to him, more so than any other noble person would’ve had them. Even if he hadn’t admitted to being a mercenary, she might have guessed. Then again perhaps not.
    She idly rubbed the spot on her palm where he’d nipped her earlier. It didn’t hurt, but the memory of it remained, making her want to feel more. Her carefully cultivated mask of ice-cold indifference had been demolished by Julien earlier, and now she struggled to keep it in place.
    Ever since she’d walked in the room and clapped her eyes on the enigmatic man, she’d envisioned herself between them.
    “I’m sure it wasn’t simply the money that brought you all the way out here, Miguel. What else have you got up your sleeves?”
    “You’re free to take off my shirt and look for yourself, Julien.”
    Miguel looked at Julien like a feast in front of a starving man. She’d expected that Julien would find a lover at some point during their separation. That it wasn’t another woman was more than a little relief. She’d grown up in the New World surrounded by their moral outrage and strict rules regarding relationships, but she’d lived the darker side of that civilization. For all their self-righteous morality, the New World harbored a dark side. For the last few years she’d associated with Old World pirates and their common ménage relationships.
    Looking back and forth between them she realized that more than anything she wanted to see the two of them together. It was not like she hadn’t been exposed to that before. She spent months on the Apollo learning how to navigate the skies, and Liam and Tristan couldn’t keep their hands off each other for more than a few hours. With Yzzi as their third, Kass imagined the three of them disappeared for days at a time. The love the three of them shared had made her wonder if Julien wanted the same thing in his life. He’d never mentioned it to her, but he’d hidden a lot of secrets from her.
    Yzzi reminded Kass of herself, before she’d been torn apart and then carefully tied back together. Only it took one night for the knots to come loose and Kass had fallen apart again.
    “Perhaps Kass might be more interested?”
    She jerked her attention back to the conversation. Both Julien and Miguel looked at her. Being caught under their dual stare made her wet between the legs, and she automatically shifted to try to ease the pressure. Julien’s eyes narrowed as if he knew what she was doing while Miguel looked delighted.
    “I’m sorry, all this male showboating was far too boring to keep my attention, and my mind wandered. Could you repeat the question?”
    That angered both men, and Kass felt some relief. She could handle herself against anger, but when faced with hunger, she didn’t

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