Earth's Last Angel

Earth's Last Angel by Leon Castle Read Free Book Online

Book: Earth's Last Angel by Leon Castle Read Free Book Online
Authors: Leon Castle
shake, letting out an indignant snort. So he gives them a heavier slap this time, and with a jolt the chariot leaps forward, the horses heading straight into a trot. Bill holds his footing and steers them around first to the left, then to the right. After a short, sharp gallop up the street and around the park, he draws up next to the merchant, leaping off.
    â€˜I gotta get me one of these!’ beams an excited Bill.
    â€˜My brother Ponik manufactures them in a village not far from the city. He will customize it to your tastes, you choose the color and accessories,’ replies a very pleased merchant.
    â€˜How much, and how long to deliver?’ enquires Bill his mind already made up.
    â€˜I’ll give him a call, and you can speak with him.’
    Back in the shoe shop the deal is done. Bill makes the payment and looks forward to delivery in two days. He has selected a cherry red one with gold trim. Luckily for him a cherry red one has just been completed for stock, it just needs the gold trim to finish it. The horses will be programmed to be virtual copies of Bill’s black stallion Thunder. He decides not to tell Sheona just yet, it’ll be a surprise for her on delivery day.
    Two days later a message arrives for Bill to meet Ponik in the courtyard. Bill takes Sheona by the hand, leading her out into the court yard.
    â€˜Now close your eyes, I have a surprise for you.’
    There, parked next to Ponik, is Bill’s new highly polished cherry red chariot, shining in gold trim with two large black copies of his own stallion, Thunder.
    â€˜Now you can open them.’
    The sight almost takes her breath away.
    â€˜That’s Thunder isn’t it?’ enquires Sheona.
    â€˜Yep sure is. Thunder times two!’
    Moving further around Sheona catches sight of the second horse.
    â€˜This is amazing!’ comments Bill. ‘How do you make the horses visible without standing on the chariot?’
    â€˜By switching the virtual horses to display mode, my lord, it is this switch here,’ a very proud Ponik points to the switch on the control panel.
    Minutes later Bill and Sheona are trotting up the street in their new chariot, looking very pleased with themselves.
    â€˜I think this calls for a celebration, the Tasty Dish here we come!’
    For a solid two weeks after the purchase of the chariot, the happy couple explore the limits of the 50 square kilometer mountain city.
    The layout of the city is centered on the palace complex, which rises high above the surrounding city. It is surrounded by gardens and parks in abundance, dotted within are small exclusive cafes and restaurants. Beyond this is the market/business district, with residential homes filling the remaining space. The four main entrance roads correspond to the four compass points, with gates named for the direction in which each road enters the city.
    All roads point straight to the palace, secondary streets ring around the city, intersected by the four main roads; entering from the north gate you encounter First Street. Look to your right, you see the start of the street, look left and you see the end of the street, all the way through to the last, Seventieth Street. This is a large, sprawling city that has an atmosphere of openness and space. Children play unsupervised along the streets and in the parks, protected by the energy dome that seals off the city from the pollution outside.
    On their travels Bill notices a strange, small, circular building with a large dull black dome roof. The building is gray, has no windows and is apparently locked up tight. It is guarded by two huge figures dressed in white, hooded robes, stationed at each side of the access door, hoods covering their faces. This seems a little unusual in a city so apparently open and safe. Bill feels a cold shiver up the back of his neck, he shakes it off.
    â€˜Maybe I’ll ask Varik next time I see him.’ he thinks.
    Three nights later Bill is

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