Grimm Consequences

Grimm Consequences by Kate Serine Read Free Book Online

Book: Grimm Consequences by Kate Serine Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kate Serine
pulled some strings to get her off the hook for the Sebille Fenwick thing?”
    Nicky visibly bristled at the question. “She’s good people. And she didn’t have anything to do with the body going missing. I read her reports—”
    â€œYou did?”
    â€œâ€”and there was no reason to suspect any negligence on her part. I wanted to make sure she didn’t get shit-canned for no good reason.”
    â€œFair enough.” I couldn’t help needling him a little more, curious at his evasiveness. “Of course, you had no problem letting Red and me dangle with our asses in the breeze.”
    Nicky gave me an irritated look. “I knew you’d come out of it okay.”
    Seeing he was over this line of conversation, I switched back to safer ground. “So, what now? Do you have any leads?”
    He shrugged. “A few.”
    â€œCare to share them?”
    I laughed in a short burst, still getting used to what it was like to feel amusement even after all these years in the Here and Now. “Why the hell did you call me here, Nicky, if you weren’t planning to tell me anything?”
    â€œI just wanted to make sure that the people I care about are safe.” Now it was his turn to narrow his eyes and regard me with that penetrating gaze of his. “ Are you all okay?”
    â€œSure. Yeah,” I said with a shrug.
    I spread my hands out before me. “Nicky—”
    â€œSpill it, Grimm. And don’t bullshit me.”
    I sighed. “I’ve got some trouble brewing with the Reapers. Nothing I can’t handle.”
    Nicky lifted his brows. “You sure about that?”
    I nodded. “Yep.”
    He took a deep breath and let it out slowly, his scrutinizing gaze taking me in. “I’m going to believe you, but you get into trouble, you let me know. Or contact Eddie. With him being sweet on Red’s Gran, he shouldn’t be hard to find.” He chuckled, shaking his head. “The guy’s got it bad. Who’d have thought I was playing matchmaker when I sent him to look after Tilly?”
    I grinned. “I guess falling in love happens when you least expect it.”
    Nicky’s expression suddenly grew pensive. “Yeah. Yeah, I guess.” After a moment of distraction, he shrugged as if divesting himself of whatever had briefly occupied his thoughts. “Anyway, Eddie will get you anything you need if you can’t reach me.”
    I inclined my head. “I appreciate it.”
    â€œForget about it,” Nicky said with a shrug. The sound of an approaching vehicle brought his head up. “Sounds like the Junkman’s back. I guess that’s my cue.”
    I got to my feet. “Sure you don’t want to come with me to see Red? She just got a promotion, you know.”
    â€œSo I heard.”
    â€œHow did you—” I didn’t even bothering finishing my question. Nicky’s network of snitches and informants was mind boggling. “Never mind. We’re going out to dinner to celebrate. Come with us.”
    â€œProbably best if I just go,” Nicky assured me, extending his hand in good-bye. “It’ll be easier.”
    I shook his hand, wondering when I’d be seeing him again, hoping I wouldn’t be getting a call for a pickup sometime soon and find my old friend’s soul at the other end.

Chapter 5
    â€œNice office.”
    With a grin, Tess glanced up from her computer. “Yeah, the guy who had to move to the smaller one down the hall was seriously pissed.”
    I shoved off the edge of the door frame and walked inside, marveling at how quickly she’d made herself at home, considering how angry she’d initially been about the promotion.
    â€œSo, where’ve you been all morning?” she asked when I sat down on the corner of her desk.
    â€œDon’t worry about it,” I told her. “Just running an

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