How to Land Her Lawman

How to Land Her Lawman by Teresa Southwick Read Free Book Online

Book: How to Land Her Lawman by Teresa Southwick Read Free Book Online
Authors: Teresa Southwick
    â€œYeah, I remember that stage,” Hank said wryly. “My wife handled it and that’s why Kim and Will grew up so well.”
    Will marveled at how his father got people to talk, to open up. He considered it part of his job to know the citizens of his town and the man was a master. That was very different from Will’s work in Chicago. There was no way law enforcement could spend the time to get to know everyone.
    Adam met his gaze. “How is it being back?”
    Will figured he should be used to that question by now but it seemed every day in Blackwater Lake made his feelings a little less clear. So all he said was, “Good.” Best to leave it at that and change the subject. “So my dad is doing okay?”
    â€œPretty remarkable actually. Pulse, heart rate, breath sounds, blood pressure are all where we want them. Anything you think I should know?” Adam asked.
    â€œNo. I’m feeling good,” the patient said.
    â€œI’m going to order some blood work.”
    â€œHeaven forbid I should get out of here without someone sticking me with a needle,” his dad joked.
    â€œMan up, Hank. You should be used to it by now,” the doc said.
    â€œNot really.”
    Adam glanced through the chart. “You’re still exercising and watching your diet?”
    His dad’s expression was wry. “Have you met my daughter, Kim? You know, the pretty, bossy one?”
    â€œOkay. Point taken. I’m betting that skill was sharpened by working with teenagers.” Adam laughed. “I’ll take that as a yes. So keep it up. At this pace you’ll be ready to go back to work when your medical leave is over at the end of summer.”
    â€œThanks, Doc.”
    â€œI want to see you again in six weeks. You can make an appointment with the receptionist on the way out.” He shook hands with both of them again. “Take care.”
    Twenty minutes later they were in Will’s SUV and headed home. After leaving the clinic his dad had grown unusually quiet, a stark difference from the gregarious man who was keeping up with the personal life of someone who lived in his town. The checkup couldn’t have gone better. So what was the deal? Will was a police officer and trained detective but without clues he was unable to draw a conclusion.
    And then there was this dandy technique that cops used to find out stuff. It was called interrogation. “What’s going on, Dad? You’re pretty quiet over there. The doc gave you high marks and said you’ll be back to work soon.”
    â€œYeah.” The flat tone was a clue.
    â€œIs this about work?”
    â€œIn a way. I’ve been thinking about retiring. I knew it was creeping up on me but didn’t give it a lot of thought until the heart attack and surgery. Now...”
    â€œIt’s been on my mind. And you know that pretty, bossy sister of yours? She’s been relentless about me slowing down. Taking it easy. Traveling.”
    â€œYou’ve always wanted to,” Will reminded him. “I remember you talking about it when Kim and I were kids.”
    â€œNot so much after your mom died.”
    Will felt a jab of guilt again that he hadn’t been around much after the funeral. “I know that was a hard time for you.”
    â€œIt was. And I’ll always love her. But I’m not grieving the loss anymore.” A big sigh came from the passenger seat. “Since Josie—”
    â€œThe widow who rents a room from Maggie Potter. I met her when you were in the hospital.” Nice woman, he thought.
    â€œYeah. She stayed in Copper Hill to be there for your sister until I was out of the woods.”
    â€œI liked her.”
    â€œKim does, too. And if she didn’t—”
    Will laughed. “It wouldn’t be pretty.”
    â€œNo kidding.”
    â€œYou should take a trip,” Will said. “With

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