In an Instant

In an Instant by Adrienne Torrisi Read Free Book Online

Book: In an Instant by Adrienne Torrisi Read Free Book Online
Authors: Adrienne Torrisi
it’s because only Jake knows the real me.
    “I can’t believe Joel did that after this afternoon. Something snapped in me, Dani, when I saw him on top of you. I wanted to kill him.” He continues to gently run his hand over my hair, placing a few loose strands behind my ear.
    “Thanks for saving me twice.” I smile, trying to make light of the situation, even though, inside, I feel the weight of how petrified I was tonight.
    “What were you thinking?” His look turns pensive, worry and anger pouring off him.
    “I thought I could handle him. I wanted to show him that I don’t need anyone to take care of me. It didn’t quite work out that way.”
    He gives a small chuckle. “Yeah, you could say that. Thank God Nate had a feeling something was up.”
    I close my eyes, also grateful for Nate. I don’t even want to think about what could have happened in that hallway.
    “Daniella.” His tone is serious. He never uses my full name.
    My eyes meet his because something in my gut knows this isn’t going to be a casual conversation.
    He runs his hand back over my hair again, tucking hair behind my ear that doesn’t need it. He just keeps repeating that motion as his eyes continue to study me. “I care about you. I always have. Actually, you are the only thing I care about. I need you to take care of yourself.” He sighs. “I don’t know what I would do if something happened to you. Everything else in my life is crumbling around me, everything I believed in, thought was real—none of it is. It’s all shit.” He runs his fingertips over my jawline as we lie facing each other. My eyes are locked on his. I’m pretty sure I stopped breathing a few minutes ago. “But not you. You are real. My feelings for you are real.”
    “What do you mean, feelings ? What about Mel? Marcus? What is going on with you? All of the guys are worried. And nothing is crumbling. You made it to districts; you have amazing friends, an incredible girlfriend. Your parents? Is that what this is about?” I can’t believe this tirade is how I’m responding to what he just said.
    He pulls his hand away, and I feel him pull away emotionally, too. He turns on a dime and immediately shuts off the raw honesty he was revealing just a second ago.
    Why didn’t I say I feel the same way? Why didn’t I let him keep talking?
    He turns so he is now the one facing the ceiling.
    “Jake? What is going on with you?” I run my hand down his defined chest, easily feeling the contours of his muscles through his thin cotton T-shirt. He’s toned to perfection. “Talk to me.”
    The silence stretches between us, the tension so thick it fills the room.
    “Please. I’m worried about you,” I finally say.
    On those words, I feel a hitch in his breathing since my hand is still resting on his chest. Then he turns to face me, his eyes once again locked on mine. He ever so softly brushes my loose hair back behind my ear again with his bruised hand.
    “Daniella, I love you. I think I always have. I just finally admitted it to myself.” He squeezes his eyes shut. “And I don’t know what to do because of Mel and Marcus, but I don’t care anymore. I love you. You . It’s always been you.”
    I cannot believe these words are coming out of his mouth, words I have secretly dreamed about for so long. He loves me . Me? It doesn’t make sense, but I refuse to question it again.
    There is only one thing to do.
    I lean in and press my lips to his soft, amazing lips. We have kissed before as kids, yet nothing could ever compare to this kiss, to the things this kiss is doing to my body.
    I feel a surge of electricity like no other run through me. Every single one of my cells knows his lips belong on mine. I have known for so long. Now it’s as if my body has finally allowed me to feel it.
    He kisses me back, and I can tell he feels the same way. His kisses are gentle yet full of longing. He pulls me in closer, our lips never separating. Our breathing is heavy and

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