Kate’s Vermonth Adventure

Kate’s Vermonth Adventure by Janice Hanna Read Free Book Online

Book: Kate’s Vermonth Adventure by Janice Hanna Read Free Book Online
Authors: Janice Hanna
appeared on the screen.
We need your help
    A couple minutes later, all of the girls arrived in the chat room. After explaining what had happened at the creamery, Bailey typed,
“LOL…I just watched
I have rats on the brain!”
Oh, that is ironic! Didn’t the rat in that movie work in a restaurant?
Yes, he was a great chef
Well, maybe the rats we saw at Mad River Creamery really want to become cheese-makers!
Somehow I don’t think the rats are wanting to do anything but scare people! But it sounds more like someone is putting them up to it! What can we do to help?
McKenzie, I’m uploading a photo of the rat. I want you to take a good look at it and compare it to other rodent photos you find online. This is a weird-looking creature. We need to know for sure what it is
Alexis, would you mind doing a little research
online? See if you can find out any information about Mad River Creamery. See if anyone might be holding a grudge against them
I’ll find out who their competitors are! And I’ll check to see if anyone is blogging about the creamery
I’ll help with that. And I’ll see if any complaints have been filed against the company, or if the cheese has ever made anyone sick
What about me? What can I do?
Can you put a prayer request on our blogsite? Please let people know how much we need their prayers. Also, ask them to pray for Sydney. She’s competing in a skiing competition at the Winter Festival this Saturday. If she wins, the prize money will cover the cost of her trip to Mexico this summer
    All of the girls started chatting about Sydney’s trip. When they ended, Elizabeth suggested they all pray together. She typed her prayer for all of them to see.
    Lord, please show us what to do. We don’t want to falsely accuse anyone. Please give us wisdom and show us who is doing this awful thing to the Hamptons. Help Kate and Sydney and keep them safe. In Jesus’ Name. Amen
    As she signed off of the Internet, Kate thought, once again, about Nancy Drew and the movie they’d just watched. If Nancy could solve a crime…surely the Camp Club Girls could figure out who was sabotaging the Mad River Creamery!

The Rat Pack
    The following morning—bright and early—Sydney came in the kitchen door, her cheeks flushed pink. She shook the snow from her jacket and pulled off her scarf. “Oh, it’s beautiful out there!”
    â€œHow far did you run today?” Kate asked. Seemed like every day Sydney exercised a little more and ran a little farther!
    â€œOnly two miles.” Sydney shrugged as she pulled off her scarf and gloves. “I’m out of shape. Been eating too much of your Aunt Molly’s good cooking. I’m really going to have to be careful once I get back home or I’m never going to stay in tip-top shape!”
    â€œOh, posh!” Aunt Molly laughed. “As much as you exercise, you could stand to eat even more. Never seen anyone eat as healthy as you. Well, no one your age, anyway.”
    â€œIt’s important! I want to do well in the competition on Saturday.” Her eyes sparkled as she added, “And you know, I want to compete in the Olympics someday, too.”
    â€œShe’s already been in the Junior Olympics, Aunt Molly,” Kate explained. “Sydney is a serious athlete.” She stressed the word
    â€œWell, that’s wonderful.” Aunt Molly patted her own round tummy and laughed. “I could stand to be more athletic. These days I just work out in the kitchen, not the gym.”
    â€œCooking?” Sydney asked.
Aunt Molly let out a laugh that brought Uncle Ollie in from the next room.
    â€œWhat’s so funny in here?” he asked.
    â€œAunt Molly is just telling us how she exercises,”

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