Love Me Back

Love Me Back by Michelle Lynn Read Free Book Online

Book: Love Me Back by Michelle Lynn Read Free Book Online
Authors: Michelle Lynn
your girl.  In fact maybe I should tell your wife what you said.”  I smile walking down the bleachers to hug him.
    “Please don’t tell her.  You know how she feels about you.”  He laughs kissing me on the cheek.
    “She loves me.”  I whine hitting him in the shoulder.
    “Yes I do, she’s my bestest friend.”  Mackenna waddles over to me.
    “How have you gotten bigger in just a month?”  I hug her cautiously. 
    “I can’t stop growing since I popped.”  She rubs her stomach.
    “Your even more gorgeous pregnant.”  I assure her.
    “I agree, she’s the most beautiful pregnant woman I have ever seen.”  Bryan puts his arm around her bringing her close to his chest.
    “Pregnant?”  Kenna questions.
    “And not pregnant.  Christ Kenna you know what I meant.”  Bryan flusters.
    “I know babe, no worries.”  Kenna gives him a quick kiss on the cheek.
    “Straight men just don’t know how to talk to the ladies.”  Ian says coming down to join us. “You look marvelous girl.”  He hugs Mackenna.  “I can give you some lessons Bryan.”  He shakes Bryan’s hand.
    “I might have to take you up on that man.”  Bryan returns the handshake.
    Bryan and Mackenna join us on the bench.
    “How come you aren’t playing Edwards?”  I ask.
    “Gave up my usual spot for Basso.”  Bryan says not looking back to me.
    “Gabe?”  I clarify.
    “Trent” he corrects.  Mackenna hits him in the arm giving me that sorrowful look again.  I don’t want to see it, if I have to be here I want it to be happy.
    “He’s late.  Like usual.”  I sigh.
    “It’s not late Maddy, the game hasn’t started.”  His voice is etched in my head.  I will myself not to turn around.  I can’t see him, not yet.  I need more time.  Little did I know I don’t have to turn around because he is standing right in front of me?  The others freeze staring between Trent and I.  I would say I am surprised but this seems to be a usual occurrence with us.
    “Practice is over Trent.  The game is about to start.”  I point with my finger towards the field.
    “Always the dictator, right Maddy?”  He sarcastically spouts.
    “Give me a break Trent, just get out to the field.”  I say.
    Trent looks at the field where the team is staring over at us waiting for him.  HE jogs up the few steps to me, coming close to me as though he is going to kiss me but at the last second moves his mouth toward my ear.  “Every home run is for you.  Stick around after the game, we need to talk.”  Then he turns around walking through the gate to the dugout.
    “Hi Trent.  Nice to see you too.”  Ian screams out to him.
    “How you doing Ian?  Keeping my girl safe I hope.”  He waves his hand not turning around.
    I want to scream I’m not your girl but I just roll my eyes again.  I am not going to make a scene.  I see Jack looking at me from the field concern filling his eyes.  I wave him off reassuring him I can handle it.  Next to him Gabe is talking to Trent staring at me every few seconds.  The conversation looks heated but I have seen them fight numerous times before and they usually ended in fists.  Since they weren’t swinging I figure I am seeing something that isn’t there.
    Gentry’s are behind eight to ten by the seventh inning and Gabe is up to bat.  I start cheering for him and he looks up at me and winks.   He takes a practice swing then sets up his stance.  Gabe has always been good-looking, some would say the most attractive Basso brother.  They all share the honey blond hair and crystal blue eyes but Gabe has more muscle, Trent is a little taller and Doug looks more like their mother while Gabe and Trent favor their dad.
    He swings on the first throw and we all start screaming from the stands.  It goes over the fence.  Bringing two more players into home base making the score eleven to ten Gentry’s.  The stands are clapping and screaming Gabe’s name.
    He walks over to the

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