Noble Blood

Noble Blood by Dana Marie Bell Read Free Book Online

Book: Noble Blood by Dana Marie Bell Read Free Book Online
Authors: Dana Marie Bell
down Jaden’s spine. He quickly thumped his cock, the pain stilling his newborn erection. “So much for connubial bliss.”
    “Jaden. Shut the hell up.”
    Jaden shut up. He followed Duncan into his study, watching the other man closely. He frowned. What the…? Were those silver hairs in among the gold? Fear skated down his spine. In all the time he’d known Duncan the Sidhe Lord had never changed, not by a hair. New clothes and haircuts came and went, but underneath it all was still the same Duncan Malmayne who had pulled his ass out of a dirty alleyway and given him a home. To see silver there after only two months was frightening. “Duncan?”
    Blazing gray eyes met his across the desk. “Henri is pushing for the nullification of my marriage to Moira.”
    Bingo. That had to be the beginning of why Robin had sent him here. “Henri likes to talk out of his sphincter. What else is new?” Like silver threads through gold? What the fuck?
    “Well, his sphincter is pushing out even more shit. He wants you punished for the murder of Kaitlynn.”
    His eyebrows shot up. “That was sanctioned.” In more ways than one, and he’d play that card if it came down to it. Even if the sanction was posthumous. Not even Glorianna would interfere with a sanctioned Blade assassination.
    “Even so, the clan is beginning to get on my nerves. They want…hell, I’m not sure what they want. Leo punished for not abiding by the marriage contract and binding himself to Kaitlynn, Ruby for taking Leo away from Kaitlynn, me for not enforcing the contract once Dad was dead.” He rubbed his eyes wearily, the anger beginning to leech from his face. “They believe that Moira isn’t good enough to fulfill the contract.”
    Jaden leaned back in his chair, balancing it on two legs. He tried to hide the white-hot flash of rage over the thought that anyone believed Moira wasn’t good enough. “Why are they so frigging eager to see this done the way they want it done?”
    Duncan’s expression froze. “Good question.” He settled down behind his desk, becoming visibly less ruffled. “It’s not as if we can bring Kaitlynn back from the dead.”
    “Don’t even go there, Jaden.”
    He grinned. He’d sooner eat, well, Kaitlynn than bring that bitch back. “Wasn’t going to.”
    “Good.” A brief smile crossed Duncan’s face. “Welcome home.”
    Jaden hid his wince. “Yeah. About that.” Icy fury once more glazed Duncan’s gray eyes, but before he could say anything Jaden’s chair was yanked back, landing him on his back. “Ow.” He looked up to find a pair of perky tits and furious green eyes glaring down at him. He smiled, inexplicably happy to see her again. “Hello, Moira.”
    “Where the hell have you been?”
    He licked his lips, tasting his own blood. “Is there an echo in here? At least you didn’t punch me.”
    One slender foot began to tap next to his head. “Don’t tempt me.”
    He eyed that foot, knowing full well what she was capable of. She couldn’t really hurt him, but she could damn well try. “Sweetheart, would you like to put that away? It might go off, and then how bad would you feel?”
    She rolled her eyes and bounced her way over to Duncan’s desk. She perched on the edge, her arms folded across her breasts. “I’m going to repeat myself one more time. Where have you been?”
    He didn’t even bother getting up off the floor. Knowing Moira she’d probably just dump him on his ass again. He crossed his leg over his knee and settled his hands behind his head. He smirked up at her. “Recently? Vegas.”
    “What were you doing there?”
    He mock frowned and wagged his finger at her. “Hey. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”
    She ground her teeth together. “Jaden.” Her shoulders slumped. “You know what? Never mind. Just shut the hell up.”
    Jaden smiled and shut up. Hell, this might actually be fun.
    Duncan watched Jaden, aware that, suddenly, he was…complete. It was

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