Rebellion by Sabine Priestley Read Free Book Online

Book: Rebellion by Sabine Priestley Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sabine Priestley
swinging door.
    “What’s he doing?” Merek hissed. “Do you know who’s out there?”
    “He said—” Ty froze at the sight on the other side. Standing near the cash machine was a ghost from his past. It wore the uniform of the chancellor’s private security team. Fifteen years ago, the uniform had been that of the Sandarian military, but the man was the same.
    For an instant, Ty was a child again, sitting in a small schoolroom with the other kids. The last moments of his parents’ lives before the man who stood out front had killed them. His childhood ended that day as he watched, helpless. For a moment, Ty locked eyes with the devil himself.
    The door swung shut, leaving only the small window view.
    “Come on, we have to leave.” Merek pulled at his arm.
    “Wait.” Ty shrugged free and ran to the window.
    Merek mumbled something under his breath, but came to stand behind Ty, peering through the old window over his shoulder.
    On the shop floor, Jafferies raised his hands, gathered the remains of his psi, and pushed outward.
    The chancellor’s deputy flew backward and slammed into the shelves. It was an awkward impact. His head smacked against boxes of shrack poison, and his feet dangled a few feet off the ground. As though in response, two of the furry shracks scurried out from underneath the shelves and darted across the floor.
    Ty knew how this would end, but he couldn’t pull away.
    The look of shock on the deputy’s face quickly turned to rage.
    Jafferies staggered with the strain of keeping the man pinned. “I’m not afraid of you, monster,” his voice rang out. “You’re taking the life of an already dying and forever proud Curzan.” Jafferies’s body gave a final great heave, and his hands dropped to his sides.
    The official slid to the floor, landing on his feet.
    With the last of his strength, Jafferies proclaimed, “In the light of our Mother Goddess, I forgive you for what you are about to do.”
    Ty caught his breath, and Merek grabbed his arms, preventing him from moving. Neither man could tear away from the scene playing out in front of them.
    The deputy pushed himself off the teetering rack. Sneering, he withdrew a weapon holstered on his outer thigh. “Save it for someone who cares.” Stepping forward, he activated a short laser blade and sliced off Jafferies’s head with a smooth flick of his wrist. Blood spurted out, and the man stepped aside to avoid the mess as the elderly man crumpled to the floor.
    Merek yanked Ty backward, covering his mouth with a massive palm.
    Ty tried to free himself and go after the killer, but Merek had a good forty-five pounds and at least a foot on him. Merek heaved him out the back door and into a waiting cruiser.
    Ty flailed and roared as the two crashed to the floor. The cruiser sped off on auto. Merek pinned him down, a grimace on his reddened face.
    Ty bellowed out his rage until Merek finally let him go. He flipped over and crouched, ready to attack his adoptive father. “He didn’t have to die.” His throat hurt from screaming.
    Merek climbed to a seat, breathing heavy. “He was already dying. He died his way, with pride.” He paused a beat, raising an eyebrow. “You gonna calm down, boy? Or you gonna take a swing at me?”
    Ty slammed his fists to the floor on either side of him before maneuvering into a seat that faced Merek. He leaned forward, elbows on knees. A quick look around told him they were headed to one of the underground’s safe spots. He took a few breaths, trying to quell his anger. He’d searched for years for that killer to no avail. I don’t know where you’ve been, but I will find you. He looked to Merek. “How did you know he was there?”
    “Our boys flagged his uniform when he came into town. They were keeping an eye on him and called me as soon as he showed up at the store.” Merek leaned in and swatted Ty’s knee. “You okay now?”
    Ty’s hands shook from the adrenalin rush. “Yeah.”
    Merek was a

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