Ricky's Business

Ricky's Business by Ryan Field Read Free Book Online

Book: Ricky's Business by Ryan Field Read Free Book Online
Authors: Ryan Field
scowled; the head was sensitive because he’d been on the verge of
climax. When he went to the closet to choose a shirt, he decided on a long, loose polo that would
cover his crotch. As he put on his socks and sneakers, his dick remained erect and he wasn’t sure
how long it would take for it to go down. All this fuss just to answer the door.
[M1] On his way downstairs, he felt a sharp thud in his stomach, as if someone had just
punched him.
He reached for the doorknob and asked, “Who’s there?” in a timid voice. He’d thought
about not answering and pretending no one was home. But that wouldn’t have been right.
Leyland had made the call and this person had come all the way out to New Jersey for nothing.
“It’s Dawn,” a deep voice said. “I’m the one you called earlier.”
Ricky took a deep breath and blinked. He’d been under the impression Leyland had
called a male prostitute, not a female. “ Dawn ?” “That’s what I said, honey.”
It sounded like a man. But what man calls himself Dawn? So Ricky opened the door
slowly. When he looked up his head jerked back and his eyes popped. Standing in his doorway,
in the middle of his neat, cookie-cutter subdivision, was the tallest, blondest she-male he’d ever
seen. Actually, it was the only she-male he’d ever seen in person, up close. Dawn wore a black
knitted mini-dress that hugged every curve in his body, tall black stilettos, and a long brassy
blond wig. His thick, long masculine fingers were tipped with long red nails that curved down
like commas, his pierced ears had long dangling earrings, and his lips were bathed in ruby red lip
“Hold on one second,” Ricky said. Then he slammed the door shut and ran into the
kitchen to call Leyland. His hands were shaking and the thud in his stomach grew more intense.
He paced back and forth in the front hall, waiting for Leyland to answer, running his hand
through his hair. When he picked up, Ricky said, “The escort you called earlier is at my front
door right now. Get over here. He wants you .”
“No,” Leyland said. “I’m playing cards right now. He wants you, not me.”
“Get over here right now,” Ricky said. He spoke with a low tone, but his voice was filled
with panic. Nothing in school had ever prepared him for an event like this.
“You’re just going to have to handle this yourself,” Leyland said, with his wise professor
voice, as if he knew what was best for Ricky. “Just relax and enjoy it. You can thank me and tell
me the details in the morning.” Then he hung up the phone before Ricky could tell him there was
a six-foot-tall she-male standing on his front porch.
The doorbell rang again, and the elaborate chimes made him swallow back hard. He put
the phone down on the island, paced back and forth a few more times, and walked back to the front door. Before he opened it this time, he fastened the chain latch and turned the knob slowly
(you never know; this guy Dawn was bigger than Ricky). When he opened it and peered over the
gold chain, Dawn’s back was facing him. He cleared his throat and said, “I’m sorry about all this.
There’s been a huge misunderstanding.”
Dawn turned and said, “Ricky, be a nice boy and open the fucking door so I can make a
phone call. I took a taxi here from the city and I have to call another one to get back.” He spoke
with resigned cynicism in his voice, as if he’d been through this sort of thing many times before
and Ricky was just another dumb kid from New Jersey playing around with him. “Do the cool
thing, sweetie. I swear I’m not gonna hurt a hair on your pretty little head.”
Ricky hesitated for a moment, then unlatched the chain. When he opened the door all the
way, Dawn sent him a frustrated look and sashayed into the house with an exasperated sigh.

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