Sand & Snow (Sand & Clay #1.5)

Sand & Snow (Sand & Clay #1.5) by Sarah Robinson Read Free Book Online

Book: Sand & Snow (Sand & Clay #1.5) by Sarah Robinson Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sarah Robinson
he found her lips and kissed her.
    No part of it was gentle, it was urgent and intense. Caroline’s body instantly responded in kind, allowing him to take control as she pressed herself further into him. Their lips tangled together eagerly, needing to taste one another. Sliding his hands down her body, Logan grabbed the top of her black, skintight pants beneath her sweater and yanked them down her legs.
    Dropping them to the floor, he unbuckled his jeans and Caroline finished the rest by freeing him from his boxers. Pulling her to the edge of the dresser, they were instantly connected and Caroline gasped at the suddenness of it all. Dropping her head into Logan’s neck, she bit down gently on his skin causing him to groan and move faster inside her.
    Caroline grinned, they were definitely going to be late for their outing.
    And she didn’t mind one bit.

          “Dylan! Where the fuck have you been? We’ve missed you around here!” Rock Slade slid off his barstool at McGinny’s and walked over to Dylan as he entered, one hand extended.
    Dylan grinned, grabbing his hand and shaking it, while the two men touched shoulders and patted each other’s back in a familiar embrace.
    “Fuck you, Rock. I’ve been around.” He responded to his old band mate.
    “The fuck you have, I haven’t seen you in at least a year.”
    “Yeah, Dylan, what gives?” Charlie Hudson walked up behind Rock and exchanged the same handshake with Dylan.
    Dylan grinned at his old band mates, suddenly feeling nostalgic of the days when the three of them and Logan would light up the stage in this bar on Friday and Saturday nights. Logan was the lead singer, but they all sang backup or had different solos back then.
    Dylan was the drummer, Rock played the bass, and Charlie was on the keyboard, but when the scout came through town, he was only interested in Logan. Dylan remembered how angry they had all been at first, jealous of Logan’s success, but friendship had won out in the end and now they were proud to know someone so famous and talented.
    “Are you going to introduce me or am I just going to stand here as if I’m your entourage or something?” Aralia quipped from behind him, causing Dylan to turn and look at her, realizing he forgot she was with him.
    “Whoa, Dylan! You finally settled down and got yourself a girl!” Charlie chuckled, smacking him on the shoulder.
    “And a gorgeous one at that.” Rock offered, raising his brows and looking over the petite, curvy brunette standing in front of them with one hand on her voluptuous hips.
    “No way, we are not together.” Dylan quickly interjected.
    “Please, I would rather die.” Aralia chimed in at the same time.
    Realizing what the other had said, they both stared at each other with narrowed eyes, clearly irritated. Charlie put his hands up in a defensive position and Rock just grinned, his eyes laughing.
    “Alright, didn’t mean to stoke the flames.” Charlie said.
    “Come on, let’s go sit down and get a drink.” Rock told them, then stepped closer to Aralia, speaking only to her.
    “Since my friend here is a blind idiot, how about I buy you a drink, beautiful?” Rock’s voice lowered slightly, a huskiness to it.
    Aralia blushed and nodded in agreement, taking his extended hand and following him to the bar.  Dylan watched them, his jaw tight. He didn’t know why it bothered him to see Rock flirting with Aralia, but he was suddenly feeling very agitated. Brushing it off, or at least trying to, he followed the small group to the bar and immediately ordered a tall beer.
    “What have you assholes been up to out here?” Dylan chugged down about a third of his beer, looking over at his friends sitting at the bar on the corner perpendicular to where he was sitting.
    “Still working over at Summit Memorial, but I do the keyboard here some nights. Do some parties and weddings, stuff like that.” Charlie shrugged.
    “Yeah? I couldn’t do

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