Show Game: Story 2 of The Wife Games

Show Game: Story 2 of The Wife Games by Arla Coopa Read Free Book Online

Book: Show Game: Story 2 of The Wife Games by Arla Coopa Read Free Book Online
Authors: Arla Coopa
Tags: futuristic erotica
Show Game
    “Welcome once more to the Centurion Games.
Today’s game will feature three finalists from each region of the
    Caleb watched on with eleven other husbands,
two from his region. They were on a balcony, with plush seats,
looking forward at a huge screen. On that screen were twelve wives,
one of them his wife, Kendra. Kendra and the other women below had
advanced to this round by being one of the first three to receive
cum on their face. The rules of that game had been that the women
had to pleasure a man with his hands tied behind his back with the
top half of her body and without removing her cloths. Caleb didn’t
know what the rules of the next game would be. None of the
onlookers did, not the husbands or the Centurions who got to watch
the games at home on their televisions.
    The women below did. They had to know to play
the game. Caleb knew all this from observation and what Kendra had
told him after the last game. Like last time, the women displayed
so vividly on the huge screen waited in front of a building with
twelve doors. They were dressed the same except for the colors.
Each woman wore the color of her region. The color of the Northeast
region, Caleb and Kendra’s region, was blue. Otherwise, their
outfits were rather bland: T-shirts and skirts that went down
almost to their bare feet.
    The husbands had been treated like royalty.
Being associated with the games was the only way for families from
the masses to be treated well. That was the way it was when the
Centurions took over, their science making it easy for them to
dominate the rest of the world. Caleb’s son had been bumped up to
better schools since his mother had won. Their living quarters were
better. The food they ate was better. All because Kendra had made
it out of the first round. He wondered what their lives would be
like if she made it out of this round. That was hard to imagine.
The women she would compete against this time were all winners. Of
course, he’d not thought she would make it out of round one, and
she had.
    “The top three contestants will proceed to
the National District Qualifiers. Our judges would like to remind
all contestants that they and their families are in no danger
unless they cannot finish the competition or refuse to
    These were the same guidelines given last
time, Caleb thought.
    “Without further delay . . . Let the game
    The voice that came from who knew where was
finished. And now the sound that came from the hidden speakers was
that of music. It was of the techno variety that the Centurions
seemed to like.
    The doors in front of the women sprang open.
The view on the screen changed to twelve smaller rectangles.
Because of its size and the clarity of the picture, it was easy to
make out details about the women who entered the rooms and the
Centurion men waiting in the chairs. The assigned men wore the
flashy clothing Centurions wore. The Centurions had been taken from
all races, so there was a variety of skin tone. The man in Kendra’s
room had slightly tanned skin. The skin on his face was stubbled
and his hair was blond. Last time, the men had had their hands tied
behind their backs. This time, their hands were free, but their
feet were tied to the chairs. It looked like all twelve men were
smiling or at least had lascivious stares. Between each waiting man
and each woman were a series of lines. In the last game, most of
the women had been hesitant to start. This time, every single one
hurried in, but was careful not to step over the first line. The
women all displayed various movements that varied in seductiveness.
One woman did nothing more than sway her arms from side to side and
turn in a slow circle. One, a black woman with a bodacious booty,
had turned around and done the splits and was now oscillating the
lobes of her ass beneath the fabric of her skirt. If they’d have
been allowed to bet, Caleb would have bet on her to finish in the
top three. The rest

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