Stealing the Bride

Stealing the Bride by Brynn Paulin Read Free Book Online

Book: Stealing the Bride by Brynn Paulin Read Free Book Online
Authors: Brynn Paulin
Tags: Erótica
consider what she’d told him. Avoiding his mother, she dashed toward the doors.
    “You grab Mara. I’ll grab her stuff,” she heard.
    “What stuff?” came the reply.
    She looked up just in time for Daniel’s hand to cover her mouth. He yanked her from her feet and dashed for the doors. As they made the sidewalk, she wrenched her head away from his grip.
    The storm inside her began to settle, and the relief of their presence tingled through her.
    “You’re kidnapping me?” she asked incredulously.
    “Yes. Don’t scream or Jacob will insist on the duct tape. He’s such a purest.”
    “Kinky. Help. Police,” she deadpanned. “Geez, where’s a cop when you need him?”
    They reached an old-style conversion van with the side door open. He shoved her inside and climbed in beside her, slamming the door. Jacob jumped into the driver’s seat and tore away from the curb to a cacophony of blaring horns.
    Mara jolted on the mattress that covered the floor of the vehicle.
    “Like the van?” Daniel asked as he crawled toward her.
    She nodded, and it occurred to her she should have wondered where it came from. They lived in New York City. None of them had vehicles.
    “This thing is my brother’s ‘love nest on wheels’. We had to promise to be nice to his baby.”
    “I think we can manage that,” she rasped. Overwhelming joy filled her, momentarily stealing her ability to speak beyond the emotion. She couldn’t stop the tears that streamed down her cheeks. Intuitively, she knew everything would be okay. They’d come for her. Even though she’d left. Even though they were leaving. Maybe they weren’t—
    “Don’t cry, honey,” Daniel pleaded. “We just couldn’t let you marry him.”
    She leaned back on the mattress and curled her hands behind her head. The storm in her middle had calmed to an aroused ripple, but something more forceful lurked beneath it, a fierce lust-filled love that shook her. It would either fuel them or destroy them, and she didn’t think it would ever be fully satisfied.
    Her two men would just have to keep feeding it. She smiled, imagining what was to come. It would be good, not bad. They’d make it that way. “I’ve never been kidnapped before.”
    “I would hope not. We’re desperate men, ready to go to desperate measures.” Daniel paused and his brows drew together. “You don’t seem too concerned.”
    “I love you both. Why would I be concerned?”
    “We have dastardly things planned for your body.”
    “Really? Cool.” She sat up. Her fingers went to her buttons. “Here?”
    She pulled off her shirt then unhooked and tossed aside her bra. Wantonly, she cupped her breasts and pulled on her nipples as she watched Daniel. She knew she could never do this with anyone other than him or Jacob. They made her feel desirable and confident.
    “Keep that up, and I’m going to fuck you right here and now,” Daniel threatened.
    “Promises, promises.”
    “No! Oh my God, no!” Jacob exclaimed as Daniel pushed her shoulders back to the mattress and latched on to one of her nipples. “Stop! This is New York traffic for fuck’s sake. I’m already having enough trouble.”
    “Pull over and join us,” Daniel urged.
    “That’s not the plan, and I want privacy,” Jacob returned.
    Mara smiled at his agitation.
    “Where’ve you been anyway?” he demanded. “We’ve been going through hell.”
    She sobered. Sitting up again, she slid her shirt back on and pulled her knees to her chest. “A hotel,” she explained, telling them the name. “It was over. You’re both going to California. I had to tell Marco I couldn’t marry him. I couldn’t face our apartment.”
    “Baby…” Jacob murmured.
    Daniel pulled her into his arms and cradled her head against his chest. Moments later, she heard Jacob murmuring to someone then darkness surrounded them. The vehicle stopped, and he got out. The side door opened.
    Mara’s brow furrowed as she hurriedly finished fastening her

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