Taking Chances

Taking Chances by Amanda Lukacs Read Free Book Online

Book: Taking Chances by Amanda Lukacs Read Free Book Online
Authors: Amanda Lukacs
when Tyler calls her name.  Seeing the pain and fear in her eyes and tries to go after her but his brother stops him.
    “Come Tyler we have a lot to talk about. “  Taking his wife’s hand the man leads everyone to the dining room.
    Tyler stared at the closed door torn between going after her or confronting his family on their behavior. Grabbing his cell phone out of his pocket he texted her that he would be at her house later and to not pay attention to the comments of his family. Pocketing his phone he marched into the dining room.
    “I do not appreciate the way you treated Jenna! You know damn well what I have told you about her and how I have said I feel about her.” Standing behind his chair while his family sat around the table.
    “Now Tyler don’t be so upset. I’m simply telling you how it is. The girl is odd, not the kind of person you would take to a dinner party with our friends. She has tattoos and pink highlights in her hair. I mean could you imagine taking her to the opera or a show how about the yearly fundraising gala at the museum? I know how you think you feel about this girl but you need to stop it son. You need to settle down and stop your daredevil live or the moment kind of life.” Julia Johnson looked around the table and noticed her son shaking his head in agreement and his wife sitting quietly at his side.
    Alfred Johnson added his opinion to this conversation. “Tyler sit down and join us for this nice dinner the dear girl fixed. While we eat you will tell us all about her. I think your mother is being a snob.” Placing his hand on his wife’s hand on the table he patted it. “Dear you have to stop this. You helped Bryan and Veronica find each other and it worked out fine, but you know very well that Tyler is not like Bryan. Ty is independent he is strong and he is wise enough to make his own life choices.”
    Tyler smiled at his father and sat down at the table, looking around he noted that Jenna had put the work in and made one of his favorite Greek dishes. While they ate he told his family all about how he met Jenna. He touched a little on the tragedy in her life. How her parents had perished in a car accident when she was small, how she had to spend time in foster care until she met her aunt. Tyler told them about Emma and her studies in cooking he even mentioned the beautiful café.
    Looking his mother square in the eyes he told her with a tone that challenged her to go against him. “Tomorrow I will take you all to the café and we can all sit and get to know one another.”
    The meal continued pleasantly and later after his family left to stay at the hotel Tyler grabbed his coat and headed over to Jenna’s house.
    Chapter seven
    The whole way home Jenna’s mind raced. Her mind was: berating her for believing things with Tyler would be easy, laughing at her for believing he could fall for a girl with her baggage and yelling at her because she can’t do anything right. These thoughts racing through her mind brought on a full on panic attack. She was sure everyone on the bus was looking at her, staring at her and judging her. The bus stopped at the top of her block and she hurried off. Her heart was pounding so hard it was going to break out of her chest. There was a dizziness that was making her sway a bit on her feet and she knew she had to get home before something terrible happened.
    Going in her front door she slammed the door shut and locked it, Oscar ran up to greet her and she slid to the floor leaning on the door. Holding the little dog close Jenna just sat there staring into space. This was terrible she hadn’t felt this way since Emma died. After who knows how long Jenna got up taking off her coat and tossing it aside. She walked into the living room she couldn’t even think, it was as if she were in a deep fog and nothing was

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