The Beekeeper's Daughter (Harlequin Super Romance)

The Beekeeper's Daughter (Harlequin Super Romance) by Janice Carter Read Free Book Online

Book: The Beekeeper's Daughter (Harlequin Super Romance) by Janice Carter Read Free Book Online
Authors: Janice Carter
barn. “Got an antique harvester in there.”
    “Nothing else? Animals?”
    The man shook his head. Will could see pain and frustration in his eyes. It was a look he’d seen many times after fires had wiped people out. Homes, possessions—not to mention lives.
    “Let me do this,” Will said, moving his head closer to be heard. “You better move the bus out of the way before the trucks get here. Then start taking anything out of the house that you want to save.”
    “You think it’ll spread to the house?” The man’s voice cracked.
    “Just in case.” Focusing on the house would distract him from the barn and the antique harvester.
    Hesitating for no more than a second, the man tossed the hose to him and vanished into the smoke. Will turned to check on the barn and saw that the roof was ablaze. No possibility of saving it now. He just hoped the guy had a good insurance policy. He also hoped the meager spray from the hose would be enough to keep the house from scorching before the trucks arrived.
    A familiar sound rose above the roar of the fire—the muted wail of sirens. Will felt the tension ease out of him. An engine rolled up the driveway, followed by a tanker truck. Will squinted. Figures in heavy bunker gear and yellow helmets were jumping from the trucks and quickly unraveling hoses. One man stood apart, wearing a red helmet and shouting instructions. Noticing Will, he strode toward him.
    “Who’re you? Where’s Warren?”
    “If he’s the guy who lives here, he’s inside the house. I happened to be driving by and saw the smoke.”
    The man stared at the hose in Will’s hand. “Leave that. I’ll get a couple of my men over here. There’s a shed behind the barn that needs cooling down, too.” He glanced behind him. “Too late for the barn.” He started to head for the tanker truck. “Stick around. I want to talk to you later.”
    Will turned off the tap and stood aside as two men dragging a hose ran toward him. Responsibility was now on someone else’s shoulders, which suited him just fine.
    He watched while two others began assembling themetal frame of a portatank to hold the water from the tanker truck. Once the tanker dumped its water it would go back for a refill at the nearest water source. Will estimated there’d be seven minutes for the truck to race back before the portatank emptied. Hopefully, a reservoir or water tank serviced the farms in the valley and it was close enough.
    The owner of the house was now outside, talking to the captain. The two looked quickly at Will, then away. Discussing who he was, he figured, and how he’d so coincidentally happened on the scene. He’d expected questions. It was no secret that arsonists often hung around to witness their work. But there were more pressing matters at the moment. The captain began to help another firefighter lug a hose around the side of the barn. Probably saving the shed.
    The farm owner walked over to Will. His face was flushed and he was breathing heavily. He held out his right hand. “Name’s Warren Lewis,” he said. “Wanna thank you for helping out.”
    In spite of his words, Will saw wariness in the man’s eyes. Not quite sure what to make of me? Still, he clasped the outstretched hand. “Will Jennings.”
    “Scotty—that’s the captain, Scott Andrews—said you did the right thing by cooling the house.” He lapsed into silence, watching the firefighters hosing down the house and the shed. The barn blazed unchecked. “If they had more men and another tanker truck, they could’ve saved the barn,” he muttered.
    “For what it’s worth, the barn was already at peak when I got here.”
    Warren’s curiosity prompted Will to add, “I…uh…used to be a firefighter.”
    “So why aren’t you helping them?” He turned his head at a sudden shout from the firefighter at the portatank.
    Will swore under his breath. He’d blown it. The portatank was probably full and the tanker would be leaving for a

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