The Firefighter Meets His Match (Red Hot Reunions Book 4)

The Firefighter Meets His Match (Red Hot Reunions Book 4) by Jessie Evans Read Free Book Online

Book: The Firefighter Meets His Match (Red Hot Reunions Book 4) by Jessie Evans Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jessie Evans
    “I did,” Faith said, smiling as she shifted in his arms, bringing her lips a whisper away from his. “But I’m still up for more fun.”
    “I was hoping you would say that,” Mick said, a husky note in his voice as he reached over, hooking his hand under her left knee and pulling her up and over to straddle him on the couch.
    Captain Snugglepants leapt from the cushions with an irritable yeowl and dashed for the kitchen like he was being chased by a pack of rabid dogs.
    Faith chuckled. “I think we’re traumatizing the cat with the constant banging,” she said as Mick’s hands settled on her hips, drawing her closer.
    “We close the door to the bedroom most of the time,” Mick said, his warm palms slipping up the back of her silver tank top to caress her bare skin. “Besides, I warned him earlier that I’d be making a play for you as soon as you walked in the door. I can’t be expected to resist you in this shirt.”
    “Why’s that?” Faith’s breath rushed out as Mick’s hands molded to her ribs before slipping around to cup her breasts.
    “It’s the shirt you were wearing the night I started to fall in love with you,” he said, thumbs brushing across her nipples, sending waves of desire coursing between her legs.
    “The night I vomited on that guy’s shoes?” Faith’s fingers threaded through Mick’s thick black curls, holding tight as he intensified his efforts at her breasts, teasing her tightened tips between his fingers and thumbs until she moaned.
    “The same,” he said, abandoning her swollen flesh to strip her tank top over her head, a soft curse escaping his lips as his gaze swept up and down—from her wild hair, to her bare breasts, to where her thighs spread on either side of his hips and back again. “You are so beautiful like this.”
    “Sweaty, with my makeup running down my face?” Faith asked, leaning down to capture his lips.
    “Yes,” Mick said, kissing her with the word. “Does that make me a dirty bastard?”
    “No,” she said, biting her lip as his hands returned to her breasts. “You’d be a dirty bastard if you wanted to pull my hair while you took me from behind.”
    Mick cursed again before he pulled away to gaze up at her, a hooded look in his eyes that made the knot of longing low in Faith’s body twist tighter. “Is that what you’re in the mood for?”
    Faith reached down between them, popping the top button on his jeans before reaching lower, caressing his erection through the thick fabric. “If you’re up for it.”
    “I’m up for anything as long as it involves being buried inside you in the next two minutes,” Mick said, surging to his feet, holding her in his arms with her legs wrapped tight around his waist as he headed for the bedroom.
    Moments later, the rest of Faith’s clothes were off and Mick’s hand was fisted in her hair and his cock was filling her, stretching her, driving inside of her until there was nothing but Mick and the sounds of their bodies coming together and the way he made the pleasure building inside of her swell until she was blind with it, until she had no choice but to let go, bucking back into Mick’s thrusts as he joined her release with a rough cry.
    “I am never going to get tired of this,” Mick said, rolling them over, fitting her against his chest.
    “Having really great sex?” Faith nuzzled closer to his skin, feeling she might start purring with satisfaction.
    “Having really great sex with my best friend,” Mick clarified before kissing the top of her head, sending a warm, loved feeling flooding through Faith, followed closely by a familiar wave of disbelief.
    Sometimes it was hard to believe this was her life, that she’d really found a man who loved her with the perfect blend of heart, humor, and bravery, who never let her down, always had her back, and made her the happiest she’d been in her entire life. After growing up with a mom addicted to bad relationships, the notion of happily

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