The Sacrifice (The Covenant)

The Sacrifice (The Covenant) by Azure Boone Read Free Book Online

Book: The Sacrifice (The Covenant) by Azure Boone Read Free Book Online
Authors: Azure Boone
She gasped and pointed a warning finger at him. “Please. Let me see to your wounds and I promise to do whatever you want after.”
    Micah grabbed the base of his cock and squeezed, opening his legs. “You promise?”
    Panic seized Micah and he flew off the bed, shoving Sarah behind the small couch as he reached the shotgun next to the table. The door burst open and Micah blew a hole through the first dark figure. “Run!” Micah turned the gun into a bat and swung at the next threat, praying Sarah did as he said. Praying there weren’t many of them. He counted four Hell Hounds. A scouting party. Hope fueled him.
    Two down.
    Micah grappled with one and execution instincts took him. He maneuvered him into a choke hold and dug his fingers into his trachea, setting off a series of panicked thrashing. He locked his legs and stole his knife then plunged it into his heart.
    Sarah’s scream slammed him with terror. He spun to the last Hell Hound holding a knife at her throat. Micah held his enemies blade, rising slowly. Take her alive. That was the directive or she’d be dead.
    It would be the first and only time he was grateful for their sick sacrifice rituals.
    He slowly moved to the right and his enemy turned with her. She was his shield now. The hound knew his seconds were numbered. He knew he was dead, his every breath a countdown to zero. That’s what you did when you stood in opposition to The Executioner. “Don’t bother praying.”
    The man shoved Sarah toward him and ran. Micah threw his blade and the bastard grunted and stumbled, reaching for the knife buried in his spinal cord.
    Sarah squealed and covered her mouth.
    “The death was clean. Not cruel.” Much to Micah’s disappointment.
    She grabbed him. “We need to leave. They’re going to come, get dressed! Hurry!”
    He kissed her. “Those are my lines, sweetheart.”
    “Oh God, Micah, hurry.”
    They both saddled up then Micah stripped the men, bagged all their weapons, and disabled their tracking gear. He looked at the bodies, and a fit of rage took him. Sarah screamed as he diabolically carved them up with the knife. When he was done, he straightened, winded.
    “Why?” The word sobbed out as she looked at the carnage.
    “The crucifix in their chests tells them I’ve seriously defected.” He heaved and looked around. “Their un-clean deaths say I’m still The Executioner. And I’m very fucking pissed.”
    Micah grabbed her hand and hurried away from the cabin, zigzagging in the woods. Using the compass, they ran in a general south westerly direction. They needed to go where it was warm. It was the end of summer, and getting caught in that part of the country in winter would be tragic.

Chapter S ix
    “Oh God, stop.”
    Micah turned at Sarah’s weak plea and looked all around. Dread kept his adrenalin at peak levels. All he had to do was imagine what happened if they got caught. If they were sacrificed, the torture would be the worst part. He’d kill her first. He dropped the bag and held her, looking around, panting for wind. “We can’t stop. We have to keep moving.”
    “Don’t you think…” she coughed into his chest, “that we lost them?”
    “I think they’re hot on our asses, that’s what I think. I think any moment the trees or the ground will open up and all hell will rain down on us and they’re going to take your life in a horrific way.”
    She whimpered and gripped his shirt. “Don’t let them Micah.”
    He looked into her upturned face and swallowed agony only able to nod. He stooped and grabbed the bag and pushed on. On and on and on until Sarah collapsed from fatigue. Fuck, they had little food and water. He needed to ration carefully.
    Micah put her against a tree after checking the area. He still felt like it’d be just his luck that they were bit by a snake or some other random shit while running from the Hell Hounds. He put the water to her cracked lips and she drank without opening her

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