Theodore by Marcus LaGrone Read Free Book Online

Book: Theodore by Marcus LaGrone Read Free Book Online
Authors: Marcus LaGrone
Tags: Fiction, furry
Shukurae, T'Konzeg, as well Taiks from the Highlands, Kulpugrie Republic
and Altshea Confederation.  I like to think myself a practical and open
minded individual, but the two Taiks from Afon we briefly had were both
Draeka.  Ugh... One was dismissed for espionage, I kid you not, and the other
had a nervous breakdown.”
    Theodore cringed.  The Draeka were a secretive people, but
what little he did know made his blood churn.  They lived in a strict
militaristic society where backstabbing was an occupation, not just a
metaphor.  The people... well, they had genetically modified themselves to
create a perfect and equitable race... there was very little difference between
males and females and they were about all the same size, strength and
intelligence...  They were also paranoid and prone to serious psychological
issues.  “The one that had a breakdown, was he sent back?”
    The coach smiled, “Even after all the hostilities between
you people, you still look out for the individuals!  One of the Highlanders'
most enduring characteristics...  No, she was granted asylum and has
transferred to a different school... with a bit of medical support...”
    “My turn to misspeak,” grinned Theodore.
    The coach just laughed, “Hey, if someone hadn't told me, I
would have had no idea she was a girl.  Those Draeka are just... weird...”  He
beamed as he changed subjects as he faced Theodore's coach, “Bring your team to
the canteen this evening.  Whoever loses a tier buys a round!”
    “Do you think you can afford to buy my kids three rounds?”
    “Cocky, aren't you?  I like that!”
    Theodore just laughed, his tier was over and he had done his
part quite admirably.

    Theodore laughed to himself as he looked up from reading a
letter from his Second Mother.  He could hear the d'Evelston twins
approaching.  They were a delightful if not mischievous set of human twins on
the floor of his dorm... always up to something.
    “Oh, look, there he is!” mused Maurice d'Evelston.  “Kicking
back, lounging on his bed, completely oblivious to the certain doom that waits
silently on the wind.”
    “Evert is going to shave you bald, you know that,” grinned
Marcel d'Evelston.
    “Oh, poor, poor Evert.  What horrible wrong have I committed
this time?” asked Theodore in mock despair.
    “You went and clogged the impeller on the hot tub again,
that's what you done!” grinned Maurice.
    “Just when, old Evert had invited his lady friend in for a
dip!” finished Marcel.
    “Not my fault,” laughed Theodore.  “I changed the filter
when I left.  It's not my fault that the maintenance people keep putting the
wrong mesh size filter in there!”
    “That filter, it’s good for a run of fifty of us, or two of
    “One, if you've been gett'n all botched up fighting.”
    “How are you so sure it was I that clogged the filter and
not Tolvesk?”  asked Theodore with a grin.   Tolvesk was a Taik from the
Kulpgurie Republic.  A first year, but a big lad!
    “Oh, that's easy, as far as Evert is concerned...”
    “Tolvesk is two heads taller than him.  You are the safer
one to harass... well, that and you are a better sport about it all!”
    “Oh-my-word!” began Maurice as he looked over Theodore's
desk.  “He's got another photo of that hot chick he met the other
    “Anna!  That's her name, yes?” prodded Marcel.
      “Not right, you with a girl like that.  She might do
proper and better alongside me, for example,” kidded Maurice.
    “She's sixteen, you two letches.  She's just a good friend,”
smirked Theodore.  He'd gotten no end of razzing for the pictures she had
sent.  But he displayed them proudly in spite of the jibes.
    “That's like a portrait photo, an original, not some
printout,” grinned Marcel.  “She spent good money to send a hard copy like
that.  Post isn't cheap!”
    “No, but you two are!  Cheap, that is!” grinned Theodore. 

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