Throwing Heat: A Diamonds and Dugouts Novel

Throwing Heat: A Diamonds and Dugouts Novel by Jennifer Seasons Read Free Book Online

Book: Throwing Heat: A Diamonds and Dugouts Novel by Jennifer Seasons Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jennifer Seasons
stadium seat, propping a foot on the empty one in front of her. “I know it. And I feel terrible about it too, but it just won’t stop. It’s like I have PMS on steroids.”
    Leslie could relate. She was a monster every month for about a week. “No worries.”
    Someone walking behind them whacked her on the back of the head. “I’m sorry!” the person exclaimed.
    Whipping around in her seat, Leslie came up against a teenage girl holding a small mountain of hot dogs who was trying to make her way down the aisle. “It’s all right, hon.”
    The girl smiled gratefully. “Thanks.”
    Turning back around as the scent of ball field dogs hit her nose, Leslie tugged down her faded black Jack Johnson T-shirt and felt her mouth water. She sighed and looked at Lorelei. “Now I need a hot dog, damn it.”
    Her sister-in-law laughed and said around her soda straw, “Normally I’d join you with a burger, but I believe I’ll abstain this time.”
    Leslie froze. What? Since when did Lorelei ever turn down greasy salty goodness?
    Spinning in her seat until she was face-to-face with the brunette, she lowered her Ray-Bans and looked her over thoroughly. The early October sun was at an angle in the sky that made her squint against the glare. “You don’t want anything to eat?”
    Lorelei shook her head, her green eyes confused. “It’s weird, isn’t it?”
    She nodded.
    “I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I mean, I never turn down food. Especially not a cheeseburger.”
    Leslie looked her dead in the eye. “You’ve never been pregnant before, either.”
    Lorelei jolted and bobbled her cup of soda. “I’m not . . . I mean . . . I can’t be . . . he’s been so busy . . . we aren’t even trying yet!” she ended almost desperately, her face white and her eyes huge.
    “That’s the funny thing about sex. You don’t even have to try.” She should know. She hadn’t been trying at seventeen, either.
    Lorelei stared at her, eyes all shimmery. “You think I could be?”
    Leslie snagged the soda again and took a good long slurp, staring at her hard. It was written all over her pasty face.

    Chapter Four
    L ESLIE SET THE tray of drinks on the table and laughed at the sight that greeted her. About a dozen Rush players gathered around two tables shoved together, the men in various stages of intoxication. They’d come into Hotbox after the game to celebrate their victory against the Mets.
    They did that once in a while. It boosted attendance every time they did, which was just one more reason why Peter playing in the club would be such a big deal. The famous Rush pitcher got attention.
    Live music pumped through the state-of-the-art sound system as a local indie band rocked the house with their African-influenced breezy folk music. When they’d first come into the bar looking for a place to play and she’d heard their sound it had been a done deal. They were like Rusted Root and Jack Johnson combined and it was freaking awesome. It made her feel good to give the little guys some exposure too.
    “Hey, sis, where’s my wife?” Mark had to nearly shout to be heard over the music. “I thought she was with you?”
    Leslie handed outfielder Carl Brexler a nitro-tap microbrew and winked at him when he thanked her. “She’s passed out on the couch in my office.”
    Instantly concerned, her brother began shoving away from the table to stand. “Is she okay?”
    Leslie put a hand on his shoulder to restrain him and pushed him back down. “She’s fine, just tired. All the packing y’all have been doing has tuckered her clean out. Just sit back, enjoy yourself and let her rest.”
    She left out the teensy bit about how his wife was probably pregnant. No way would she spoil that awesome surprise for him. Knowing Mark, he was going to flip when he found out. Having kids had always been something he’d secretly wanted. It had given her endless material for his torment as kids.
    And she had used it.

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