Twisted Asphalt (Asphalt Outlaw Series Book 1)

Twisted Asphalt (Asphalt Outlaw Series Book 1) by Blue Remy Read Free Book Online

Book: Twisted Asphalt (Asphalt Outlaw Series Book 1) by Blue Remy Read Free Book Online
Authors: Blue Remy
sheet on the stove,
spinning around to face Romeo. She thrust the spatula toward him to emphasize
her words. “This isn’t club shit. This is family shit.”
    Romeo’s brows shot up, pushing himself upright to face her.
“It became club shit when those Mexican fucks threatened your life after
trashing Mom’s store. And for your information, Amethyst James, this club
happens to be the only family we have left.”
    “Whatever.” That was her answer for everything when she
didn’t like what was being said to her. She hated that her brother was right.
Sure, they had family elsewhere. Uncles, aunts, cousins, but it wasn’t like
they were there.
    Amy set lunch on the table and plopped onto her chair,
tucking a leg up under her. “I’m debating throwing a party for all the brothers
to say thank you for their support and all their help this past week. The store
wouldn’t be ready this quick if it wasn’t for everyone.”
    Romeo nodded, grabbing a sandwich. “That’ll work.” He
chuckled as he took a bite of the turkey and cheese. “Maybe you can get laid
while you’re at it.”
    “Don’t be such a dweeb, Zen.” She stuck her tongue out at
him. He was one to talk. He was the whore between the two of them, not that she
could blame the women. They flocked to him like ants to sugar. Pale green
haunted eyes, six foot two and built like a beast, tan and bald, tatted and
pierced. Yes, he was quite the ladies’ man.
    Unfortunately, he was on his second strike. One more and
they would put him away for good. First strike wasn’t his fault, she felt for
him … a little. He was caught up in a girl, thought he was in love. He was
eighteen, she was sixteen. They did the horizontal mambo and Mommy and Daddy
found out. They nailed his ass to the wall with statutory rape charges, even
when the girlfriend said it was consensual. His second strike was carrying a
concealed weapon without a permit. Dumbass. Santa Maria police department could
have waived the charges, but because he was wearing his cut, they threw the
book at him.
    Now, her brother was careful with everything he did, except
women. She hoped he learned from the last pregnancy scare with Tasha, to glove
    “You’re really one to talk, mister
I-refuse-to-wear-a-condom-and-almost-got-Tasha-pregnant.” Amy gave him her best
fake smile, knowing she opened a can of worms.
    “I wasn’t scared. She was trying to pin my ass down and gain
Ol’Lady status.” He shrugged, reaching for a tot.
    “You weren’t scared? How could you not be? I’d be afraid of
STD’s from her.”
    Romeo sighed, taking a sip of iced tea. Setting it aside, he
looked at her. “I knew she was blowing smoke up my ass. One, I use Trojan. Two,
I can’t have kids.”
    Amy wasn’t sure she heard Romeo right. “Excuse me?”
    “Did I stutter? Snip snip.”
    Amy snorted tea out her nose hearing Romeo’s admission.
Coughing, she frantically grabbed at a napkin, staring at her brother in total
disbelief. “Are you serious? Why?”
    “To avoid bitches like Tasha trying to get me to do the
morally right thing.” He shrugged nonchalantly. “I don’t let the girls I sleep
with know. It’s a real road block to their agenda when they come to me telling
me they’re having my baby and all I do is sit there and laugh.”
    Amy knew her jaw was hanging, but she didn’t care. When had
her brother become so jaded and calloused? Who had hurt him that bad? “But—but
what if you find the right girl, Zen? Someone you want to have kids with?”
    Romeo stared at her like she had lost her mind. “Won’t
happen, Ames. Look at the life I live. Do I really want to bring a wife and
baby into it? Fuck no. Now let it go.”
    Wow. She was just schooled by her own brother. He had never
shut her down like that. Amy would have to ask her dad what the hell happened,
or Maggie. Being gossip central, she’d know.
    “Anyway,” Romeo washed down his grilled turkey and cheese
with his iced tea. “I’ll barbeque

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