Unlawful Escort (Unlawful Series book 1)

Unlawful Escort (Unlawful Series book 1) by Krystal Morrison Read Free Book Online

Book: Unlawful Escort (Unlawful Series book 1) by Krystal Morrison Read Free Book Online
Authors: Krystal Morrison
this weekend”, Sebastian continued doggedly and Brandon choked on his drink while Matthew’s eyes widened in shock, “you’ll meet her tonight at my father’s dinner party”.
    “Is it someone we know?” Brandon asked warily.
    “I doubt it. She’s from Mount Vernon. I met her a month ago”, he said , selling the story he had concocted.
    “Are you sure it’s a good idea to move in with her”, Brandon said, his sky blue eyes stern, “and how is it, we’re hearing about her for the first time?"
    “Says the guy who falls in love with every woman he sleeps with and falls out of it as quickly”, Sebastian’s lips twitched as he spoke, “Now tell me, who is the flavor of the week?”
    As per usual Brandon fired to his own defense, “Hey, it’s not my fault I have a heart”.
    Laughter erupted fro m Sebastian and Matthew, to which Brandon soon joined in.
    “Don’t even bother to dodge the bullet”, Brandon warned Sebastian, “besides I’m yet to hear your protestation of undying love”.
    Sebastian scoffed, “I’ll leave that sort of nonsense to you, thank you very much”.
    “Wasn’t that Roberta we saw on the way in?" Matthew asked with wry amusement, “liaisons are a detriment to committed relationships”.
    “ Hot cougar…” Brandon intoned.
    “Thank you for the heads up, baby daddy”, Sebastian said and Matthew’s lips pursed; al l traces of laughter disappearing from his features.
    The remainder of the afternoon traversed in much the same lighthearted manner, with the conversation diverting to politics, sports and other current issues that were of interest to all three men.
    PAIGE CLEARED HER THROAT as she entered the living room and saw Sebastian staring despondently into the fireplace; a glass of brandy clutched in his hand. He looked up at the sound and his lips tugged into a smile. Her heart melted at the sight and for a moment she wished she could capture that smile and hold it in her heart forever.
    “You look lovely”, he said, emptying the glass in one swallow and setting it aside.
    “Thank you”, she blushed at the compliment.
    She was wearing a knee length, Gucci, one shoulder, mint green silk dress with silver beaded accentuations at the waist and her hair was caught in a voluminous side bun at her nape. She had been surprised when he had phoned to inform her that a stylist would be up shortly to complete her hair and makeup but grateful as she doubted she would have been able to apply lip-gloss considering the nervous shaking of her hands.
    “Let me help you with that”, he offered as she attemp ted positioning her woolen coat over her shoulders.
    She held her breath as he took the garment form her lax fingers and opened it while she slid her bare arms into the warm fabric. He was so close she could smell the spicy scent of his cologne and feel the heat exuding his body; his nearness igniting a warm sensation between her thighs. His hands brushed the nape of her neck as he adjusted the collar of her coat and a delicious shiver ran through her body. She sighed wistfully as he stepped away from her and indicated for her to precede him. They were silent as they boarded the elevator down to the lobby and made their way to the waiting car and settled inside.
    She wondered what his father and stepmother were like. She knew that his father was a multi-billionaire and that Sebastian had made his first billion years ago. Needless to say, they were a very rich lot. Would they snub her because they didn’t think she had enough money or family connections to be dating Sebastian or worst; acknowledge her for the imposter she was? She wrung her hands nervously. Why had she started this damnable charade in the first place? She wondered miserably.
    “There is no need for you to be nervous”, Sebastian murmured, “ if anyone makes you uncomfortable you don’t have to speak to them”.
    “That’s kind of you to say ”, her tense muscles relaxed

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