Unwrapped by Gennifer Albin Read Free Book Online

Book: Unwrapped by Gennifer Albin Read Free Book Online
Authors: Gennifer Albin
Tags: Romance, new adult
hundred things he never knew he liked. As he gazed at her, adoration likely written all over his face, he couldn’t help wonder how he’d been so fortunate to end up with her. How she’d ended up picking him, of all the guys she could pick, to be with intimately.
    She blushed under his stare. “What?”
    “Why me?”
    “Why you, what?”
    He pushed their picnic aside so he could stretch out next to her. “Why did you save yourself for me?” She hadn’t known him so maybe she hadn’t. “Or would you have hooked up with any guy that walked into that bar that night?”
    She opened her mouth to say something then shut it again.
    “It’s okay if that’s the answer.” He hoped that wasn’t the answer. “I just want to know.”
    Kira looked down at her hands. “I went there to find a guy.”
    “Oh.” He knew his disappointment showed in his voice.
    “But…” She scooted down so they were both horizontal facing each other. “I’d been going there all summer looking for a guy.”
    She’d been going there all summer. “Really?” He was surprised. And delighted.
    Or maybe he was taking it wrong. Maybe he was her only choice. “No other offers?”
    Kira pushed his chest. “I had plenty of other offers, thank you very much.”
    Dammit, he always said the wrong thing. “I’m sorry! I totally didn’t mean it like that. Of course you had other offers. I’m betting men were lining up for you.” How could they not? She was perfect.
    He reached out to brush a strand of hair off her face. “I didn’t mean to sound surprised about that. It’s me, I’m surprised about. Why was I the guy?”
    “Stop ragging on yourself. You’re pretty hot. You know that, right?” She pinned him with her velvet browns.
    “No.” He knew he was all right looking, but hot ? He couldn’t say that he’d ever been called that. He liked it, that was sure. Especially coming from her.
    “Well, you are.” There was that blush again. “But that wasn’t why.”
    “Then why?”
    She shook her head. “It’s silly.”
    “Tell me.” When she still protested he decided to play dirty, grabbing her wrists with one hand and tickling her.
    “Stop! Stop!” She was breathless when he let up. “Okay, fine.” She took a deep breath, still recovering from his attack. “Remember when you were trying to teach me how to play pool? And you put your arms around me?”
    He did remember that. He’d reached around to help her get the right action with the pole. It had been the first time he’d touched her that night and it was magic. “There were sparks. Right? Because I totally felt sparks.”
    “There were sparks.” Her face sparkled with the memory. “But that wasn’t it.”
    God, then what the hell was it?
    “It was what you said when I missed the shot. Do you remember?”
    “I’m not sure.” He remembered a lot of things he’d said that night—like, “Wanna find some place more private?” and “God, Kira, you feel good.” But nothing came to mind that was out of the ordinary or especially interesting.
    “You said, ‘That’s okay. On our next date, we’ll play again and you’ll play better.’” She raised her eyes to meet his. “You talked about the future and not just hooking up for the night. You made me feel like you would have waited for me. That’s how I knew you were the one.”
    Warmth spread through Chase’s body despite that he’d just been feeling a bit chilly what with no clothes on and all. He had talked to her about the future because, even early in the evening, he’d hoped he’d see her again. She’d been cool and fun and different from a lot of the girls he’d known in San Diego.
    And all the time he’d thought he’d been the only one feeling it, she’d felt the same way. “Then why didn’t you give me your phone number after?”
    She took his hand, laced her fingers through his and squeezed. “Why didn’t you ask?”
    “Because I was a chicken shit. I was afraid you’d turn me

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