Wicked Game

Wicked Game by Scarlett Sanderson Read Free Book Online

Book: Wicked Game by Scarlett Sanderson Read Free Book Online
Authors: Scarlett Sanderson
Tags: Fiction, Erótica, Romance, Family
ripped down his zipper, flicked open the button and lifted his cock out. It felt good to be free of the confines of his pants. Spitting in his hand, he palmed his cock and gave the shaft a few harsh tugs.
    “Oh yeah.”
    He relived her moans and sobs. The delicate, almost breathless way she whispered his name. He stroked his cock fast, hard and rough.
    Her face swam into focus. Her soft hands jerking him off, making him come. He couldn’t wait to get inside her, feel her clench around him. He’d introduce her to anal sex, tie her up and work his cock into her ass. Hear her whimpers as he gave her the first anal orgasm of her life. His balls ached, tightened and drew up.
    “Fuck.” He growled, grunted and slowed his strokes as he came in his hand. “Dammit.”
    Ruth drove him bat-shit crazy with need. He hadn’t come this quick in years. He was always in control. He only came after bringing his partner to multiple orgasms. Now she had him jerking off in the bathroom like a schoolboy with a hair-trigger.
    Jesus Christ. He laughed. He really was head over heels for her.
    A box of tissues sat by the sink and he grabbed a handful before wiping himself clean. He stuffed his cock back into his pants.
    Whether she knew it or not, she was his. He loved sex but it was time to claim her, leave her in no doubt he wanted more than the games they’d been playing.
    Resolve set, he knew exactly what his next move would be.

Chapter Seven
    Ruth glanced over at Dominic. Nerves jangled, making her stomach turn somersaults. Dom had shown up on her doorstep with another box. He’d asked to come in without observing any pleasantries.
    She hadn’t heard from him in days. They’d both been busy with work. Now here they were, sitting on her couch.
    “So what brings you here, Dominic?”
    What was he doing here? Her gaze traveled discreetly to the box. She’d never been able to wait for surprises. Patience wasn’t one of her virtues. Her pussy clenched. What treats did he have in store for her today?
    “I have a present for you.”
    She blinked and swallowed hard, thinking about the last box of presents he’d given her. A shiver of pleasure ran down her spine. “You have to stop giving me gifts.”
    He leaned forward, brushed at a lock of her hair. “You’re mine, Ruth. I can do what I damn well want.”
    The soft yet commanding words made her want to moan. She squeezed her thighs together as her clit throbbed. Intensity burned in his eyes. There was something dangerous about him tonight. Something barely leashed below the surface.
    Her nipples tingled.
    She was one sick puppy.
    “So, what’s in the box?”
    He lifted the lid and placed the box on her lap. “See for yourself.”
    Rummaging through the plain tissue paper, her hands curled around a small hard, plastic object. She traced the oval shape. She knew what it was. She’d seen them online. Her pulse raced. Desire slammed into her stomach, curled low and hot.
    “Take it out.”
    She lifted the vibrating egg from its confines. There was nothing else in the box.
    “Who has the control?” Blood rushed to her head, made a whooshing noise in her ears. She knew he held the switch but she wanted to hear him say it.
    “I do.” He pulled a tiny remote control from his pocket. “Your pleasure is under my command. I’m going to tease you. Bring that sweet pussy to the edge until you’re begging to come. Do you understand?”
    Nodding her acceptance, Ruth tried to speak. Lack of moisture and a heavy dose of need prevented anything more than a whimper.
    “Good.” Dominic settled back on the sofa and said, “I thought we could go out and grab a drink.”
    “Like a date?”
    “Sort of.” His dazzling smile made her insides dance.
    “Right,” she said before putting the egg back into the box. “I better get changed. Urmmm…” What the hell did she do with the vibrating egg? She looked at the table then back to Dominic.
    “I’ll take that.”
    “Okay.” Thank god

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