Wise Folly

Wise Folly by Rita Clay Read Free Book Online

Book: Wise Folly by Rita Clay Read Free Book Online
Authors: Rita Clay
life to date , especially the Doctor's comments on Tabby's necessary surgery.
    Noah spoke vaguely of his future plans for Tabby and Dianna, and June wondered if even he knew what he was going to do next . She pushed the thought away quickly. He was too decisive a man not to have some plan already worked out . Her only worry was whether he would help or hinder Dianna. But she couldn’t voice her thoughts to either of these men. They both thought they knew best . She was only there as silent proxy for her sister.
    “June.” Noah’s voice broke into her troubled thoughts and she sat straighter in her chair, much like a young girl in a principal’s office. “How much of Dianna’s story is made up? She informed the HR Department that she had been married , but no one can find a marriage license. Is it true?”
    "What business is it of anyone's but Dianna's?" June asked.
    "Because if there is a marriage, the husband has to be considered Tabby's father and his permission might be needed for surgery - or it might be done under his medical plan."
    He was right. She sighed. “ Dianna never married. It was a made-up story to shield her from our parents, who found the truth out later and shamed her. ” June finally admitted . Noah of all people should have known that “Dianna told everyone she was married to hide the fact that she was having a child out of wedlock—the story was used for protection. No matter how much the rest of the world relaxes their standards, Dianna never relaxed hers.  But, w e all kn e w Tabby was Charles’s child.”
    Noah raised his brows and leaned back in the chair, casually relaxing. “Really? Wh at makes you sure?”
    June wasn’t fooled. She knew he would pounce on her in a moment if he thought she wasn’t telling the truth. "Because Dianna is a workaholic . Two years ago she was escorted to several parties that her old company asked her to attend . But until then she had n't dated anyone for five years . ”
    “Not even directly after the rape?”
    June winced at his words, but her eyes locked with his. She could be just as stubborn as he! "Especially not after that! With the exception of doctor visits we set up, s he didn’t leave this house for over six months. Not even to travel to the store alone. All she did was sit alone in her room and stare out at the backyard,” June said emphatically. “If y ou’re trying to prove that Char l es was not Tabby’s father, you can forget it” She took a deep breath and plunged “You should have been here after that. . . that night You should have helped Dianna go through that ordeal; been with her and Tabby long ago , when she needed all the moral support she could get . Tabby is definitely a Weston, and Charles is to blame. We all know that” She looked toward David for reinforcement which he gave in the form of an affirmative nod.
    “ I know who’s to blame, but apparently no one else does,” Noah said cryptically, then gave an apologetic sigh. “All right , we're saying I'm Tabby’s uncle, and so we’ll leave it that way ... for now.”
    “But it’s true!” June looked from Noah to the puzzled expression on her husband 's face . “Double check with that private detective you sent around right after Dianna applied for the job with Wescomp. He probably interviewed half the neighborhood!” The bitterness that laced her words was obvious to both men .
    B ut as Noah started to speak a small voice broke the silence.
    “Are you m y uncle ?” Tabby asked , standing in the living room doorway in her prink, princess nightgown and a tattered teddy tucked close to her body . She stared at the tall stranger seated in Aunt June’s best chair. “Are you?”
    Noah’s mouth moved into a smile that l it up his gray eyes. “ Yes, I'm really your uncle, and I’ve come to meet you. I heard you were a beautiful young lady and I wanted to see for myself whether it was true.”
    Her hazel eyes stared at him before she answered. It was as if she

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