All Messed Up: Windy City Kink, Book 2

All Messed Up: Windy City Kink, Book 2 by Kelly Jamieson Read Free Book Online

Book: All Messed Up: Windy City Kink, Book 2 by Kelly Jamieson Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kelly Jamieson
Tags: BDSM, submission, domination, kink, podophilia
him and he met her eyes. “You…?”
    “I’ll be okay.” He managed a grim smile then rose to go to the gate. Other people were standing there, everyone apparently with the same questions.
    “We should know more shortly,” the gate agent told everyone. “At this point we’re still hoping the plane can be de-iced.”
    Great. He sucked in a breath and let it out as he returned to where Mallory reclined in the seat, her head leaning back, eyes closed, a smile on her mouth. A smile he’d put there. Warmth filled his chest along with a renewed rush of blood to his dick. Fuck, she was sexy.
    “Hey,” he said softly, dropping into the seat beside her. “They’re still hoping we’re going to leave tonight.” He shook his head. “I kinda have my doubts though.”
    She opened her eyes and looked at him, and it felt like he’d taken a shove to the chest. Her eyes were glowy and warm, her pretty mouth a bit swollen, her cheeks pink. “If I didn’t feel so good right now, I’d be really annoyed.”
    A grin tugged at his lips. “Yeah. I know.”
    “C’mere.” She moved her arms beneath the blanket to push it off her and then she snuggled into him and draped the blanket over both of them. His body went rigid when one of her hands found his dick and rubbed it through his jeans. He’d already been semi-hard, but now his dick filled and lengthened almost painfully.
    His arm went around her as her fingers began working on his button and then unzipping his fly. “Mallory…”
    “It’s your turn,” she murmured, concentrating. She found the ridge of his cock beneath his boxer briefs and rubbed him again, now only a thin layer of cotton between them. “I want to do this for you too…”
    He grunted and lifted his hips slightly so she could work his jeans open and lower on his hips. Then she reached into his underwear and pulled his cock out, shoving the underwear down beneath his tight balls. Christ! He had to bite his lip when her fingers brushed over his sensitive sac and closed around his aching shaft.
    “Hold on,” he muttered. “If we’re going to do this…” He groped for his backpack and pulled out the paper napkins he’d shoved into a pocket earlier, gripping them in his fist. His other hand rested on her lower back then ventured lower to cup one butt cheek. So firm and resilient, filling his hand nicely.
    With her cheek on his chest, her hands busy beneath the blanket, he let his eyes drift closed. From behind, it would look like they were hugging. A tingling began in his lower spine as her hand stroked him up and down in firm pulls. His heart thudded where her cheek rested and his testicles drew up even tighter to his body. Fever raced over his skin and he felt sweat break out on his forehead and upper lip.
    His thighs tensed and eased in the same rhythm as her hand, his ass clenching on the hard seat as pressure built. He gulped for air, his hand now splayed on her ass, holding her tight. She paused in her stroking and her thumb whisked over the head, slicking up some moisture.
    “I wish I could suck you,” she whispered.
    He nearly growled at the surge of lust that whipped through him, and he closed his eyes and gritted his teeth. Her hand went back to stroking him and the tension in his spine became painful. His balls tightened and he sucked in a harsh breath as he exploded with exquisite heat, pulsing into her hand.
    “Oh yeah,” she whispered. Her hand grew slick on his shaft with his semen, and he shoved the hand holding the napkins under the blanket, still blind and nearly deaf with his heartbeat pounding in his ears.
    She stayed in that position for long, lush moments, her hold on his dick now gentle and slippery, and then she fumbled around for the napkins. They somehow did a half-assed job of wiping him up and tucking him back inside his underwear and jeans.
    The napkins were crumpled and stuffed into the outside pocket of his backpack for disposal, and then he wrapped both arms around

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