False Start: A Football Romance

False Start: A Football Romance by Saylor Bliss Read Free Book Online

Book: False Start: A Football Romance by Saylor Bliss Read Free Book Online
Authors: Saylor Bliss
    His mouth latches back onto mine, sucking my bottom lip into his mouth and biting gently. My own hands can't release him, can't get enough of him.
    Pushing against his chest, I break away from him again only, this time, I drop as gracefully as possible to the floor, squatting back on my heels. I kiss along the side of his thigh and then lick along the crease by his ball sack, loving the way his dick jumps against the side of my face. I lick and tease along his balls, making them tighten and pucker before finally reaching his dick in my hand.
    My tongue snakes out, slow and precise. I lick the back of his head, and he twitches in my hand. Licking my lips, I look at him, catching his gaze, and then kiss the tip of his dick, leaving a wet imprint of my lips there for the cool air to tease as I lick up and down the side of him, from base to head.
    Up and down.
    Up and down.
    Pulling back, I kiss him on the head again, and then I blow gently on it for just a second before taking it into my hot, wet mouth. I wrap my lips around him and suck the air out of my mouth, locking me tightly around him, and then I swallow him.
    “Oh, fuck.” He moans, grabbing ahold of my hair once again. I feel him growing even more in my mouth, expanding, pulsing as I suck up and down the length of his beautiful dick. My hand cups his balls, rubbing the dripping saliva across them, massaging them while I caress his dick with my lips and tongue.
    Everything about him turns me on. My body is on fire. My fingers slide beneath my panties and cup my pussy. I moan, taking him deeper into my mouth. His dick hits the back of my throat as I slide my finger inside my own wetness.
    “Fuck yes. Touch that pussy for me, baby.”
    I slide my finger out and rub the sticky juices across my clit, teasing it before sliding back into my tight pussy. I’m so close to coming. I can feel the orgasm building like a storm in my core.
    “Does that feel good?” Cal asks, and I moan against his dick. Taking my hand off his balls, I grip the base of his dick and match my strokes with the tempo of my mouth, moving along him. His hand tightens in my hair, guiding my head.
    “Son of a fucking bitch,” he grinds out. “Stop. Stop.”
    I glance up at him wondering why, but he doesn't answer my silent question. Instead, he pulls me to my feet and turns me to face the bathroom mirror. Bending me over, he slides my panties to the ground, and then he turns and pulls the plug on the bathtub and turns the water to cold. It’s gotten hot and steamy in here, and I’m sure not all of it is because of the hot water.
    He’s back before I have a chance to miss him, trailing kisses up and down my spine, biting me gently on my shoulder before standing back up behind me and resting his cock against my swollen pussy.
    “Do you trust me?” he asks, and all I can do is nod.
    He slides his hand down my back to the top of my ass and then glides his fingers along my crack to my hot, waiting pussy. I don't know what he has planned, and at this point, I don't care as long as he doesn't stop touching me.
    I hear him spit and look over my shoulder to see him rubbing it along his dick before he presses it back against me, but instead of sliding into me like I want, he glides it along the crack of my ass. Leaning over, he spits again, this time directly on my ass, and then he pushes against me, pulling me tightly to him. His hand wraps around my hip, teasing my clit. My ass pops backward involuntarily when he slides his finger inside me, pumping in and out of me.
    His body pushes my ass cheeks tightly around him as he slides up and down the crack of my ass, never entering me with his dick, but fucking me just the same. His finger curls inside me, his rough, calloused palm rubbing against my clit. I’m on the verge of exploding.
    Leaning back, he slides his dick between my legs and the folds of my pussy. I close my legs as much as I can and squeeze them together

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