Perchance by Lila Felix Read Free Book Online

Book: Perchance by Lila Felix Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lila Felix
Tags: Romance, Literature & Fiction, Contemporary
restrained myself, barely.
                  “Nah, I’m good.  I have money that I saved from working and Mom gave me some money too.”
                  He looked upset at that, but I was pissed.  He should be glad I didn’t say anything worse.
                  “I’m going to bed then.  Be careful.  I will be leaving at seven again so if I’m not home by the time you get home I will see you tomorrow, Ok?”
                  “Ok.” He went down the hall and I cleaned up the kitchen, because now I felt guilty for being pissed.  Mom would be pissed at me for acting like that. 
                  I walked out and to my apartment and called my Mom.  I almost immediately confessed what I had done to Eric.  She didn’t say anything other than to remind me that I’m only responsible for my own actions and words and how I react to people.  She had drilled that into me since I was little.  I told her that I was going shopping with Troy.  She laughed because she knew that I hated shopping, but it had to be done. 
                  After talking to Mom, I slept for a while.  I woke up about three fifty five and jumped up to get ready.  I looked outside and sure enough there was a guy who looked my age sitting on the hood of my car.  I grabbed the keys and my wallet and my sunglasses and headed out.  This was not going to be fun.
                  We drove for about an hour. Troy asked me questions about where I was from and why I was here.  He told me that the high school was small, maybe only four hundred students, so everyone knew each other.  He played football and it was a very big deal around here.  I didn’t play sports.  I tried to play baseball when I was in elementary but I sucked so bad that I begged my Mom to quit.  She wouldn’t let me quit, but never made me go back after the season was over. 
                  We parked and the place was packed.  Troy convinced me that the best place to park was by the food court.  I couldn’t have agreed more.  And that was our first stop.  Troy got this enormous Philly cheese steak and after I saw it, I had to have one too. 
                  “Ok, I hate shopping so tell me where the Old Navy is and let’s get this over with.”
                  “Hey, I got volunteered for this, I hate shopping too.  And honestly, I have no clue where any of the stores are so we either walk around until we find one or we act like morons and look at the mall map.”
                  “I will take moron if it means we get out of here faster.”
                  He reached out his fist to bump mine and I returned it.              
                  “Ugh, good choice, let’s go.”
                  We found the Old Navy and the Architecture stores on the map and headed that way.
                  Troy had a way of making shopping fun.  He would make fun of people’s outfits and they way they walked and everything in between.  I was doubled over in laughter more than once. 
                  We bought jeans and shirts and then found a store where I bought two pairs of Chucks and he bought some kind of weird looking running shoes. 
                  We were laughing as we exited the shoe store and we had two bags in each of our hands. 
                  “Let’s get the heck out of here,” He said.
                  “Yes, home…now.”
                  We got on the escalator going back down to the bottom floor where we parked. Troy was dancing up and down on the stairs and I was laughing my butt off at him.  He was doing an impression of someone, I didn’t know who, but I needed to find out.  It was

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