Vampire Secrets: Book 2 (Blood and Snow Season Two)

Vampire Secrets: Book 2 (Blood and Snow Season Two) by Rashelle Workman Read Free Book Online

Book: Vampire Secrets: Book 2 (Blood and Snow Season Two) by Rashelle Workman Read Free Book Online
Authors: Rashelle Workman
be repulsed by a kiss from anyone but Laeddin, but as Troy’s lips moved against mine, the barrier I’d built around my heart slowly began to melt and I did something I never thought I would. I kissed him back.
    Troy responded by grabbing the loops of my jeans, pulling me closer.
    My heart raced and my body felt like it’d been shocked to life by an erotic electricity. I was buzzed, excited.
    When Troy finally lifted his lips from mine, he smiled.
    For some reason I thought of the girl he’d been making out with my first day of school. Their kissing hadn’t been like the one I’d just shared with Troy. Our kiss had been chaste compared to theirs. But I liked it.
    “That was amazing, Jack. The whole night rocked. Thanks.” He kissed my cheek and took off toward his house. When he was nearly halfway there he turned back. “Totally rocked,” he yelled and waved good-bye.
    A huge grin spread across my face. I waved back, enjoying the view as I watched him run the rest of the way home.
    When I could no longer see him, I headed toward my house. It was time I had a n honest talk with my mom and dad.
    “Who’s there?” I stopped, trying to see without my vampire abilities. It couldn’t be Troy.
    “It’s me.” Christopher stepped into view , the vampire who’d bitten my mom all those years ago, the one who’d betrayed her. He’d been her Hunter and was now the seventh member of the council.
    In Sharra he always wore the common dress, which was brown or black trousers made of soft, breathable material, boots that went to his knees, a long-sleeved linen shirt and a leather vest. Tonight he had on jeans and a tight white tee shirt , which said he was just another teenager. Even though I knew he was old. Totally gorgeous and old. If I hadn’t been nervous about him being at my house, I would’ve laughed. 
    “What do you want?”
    “Something’s coming. It’s big. Last time,” he paused and glanced at the ground, “I chose Sharra because I wanted power and I thought she would win. This time,” he looked up, his features serious, urgent even, “I choose you. Since I met you on the road those many years ago, I’ve known we—”
    “Jasmine?” Laeddin called from the front door. I hadn’t heard it open.
    “We what?” I asked.
    Christopher’s features looked pained, like he desperately wanted to say more. “Later,” he said and took off.
    “Coming,” I hollered.

    Chapter 4
    When I got inside, Laeddin was back in the living room with Peter. He had a look on his face that said we would discuss what he’d just witnessed later. The TV was still on and Peter was focused on it. I glanced around, then remembered my mom had left. The serious conversation I had planned couldn’t happen tonight after all.
    I thought about her in Sharra, curious about whether she changed back and forth between herself and Zoe. If not, she would totally freak out Ciana, the vampire who’d help ed raise me. I loved Ciana. She’d taken care of me. We’d played together during my mom’s long meetings.
    But she’d betrayed me. My mom and dad. Everyone. Our whole world. She was on Sharra’s side. My mom needed to know what I’d seen. She needed to know about Sharra and Ciana.
    “I need to speak with Mom,” I said, walking over to Peter.
    “Okay.” He pulled me into a hug. I let him hold me for a long time. It felt good to have his arms around me. “I’m glad you’re here, Dad.”
    Peter sucked in his breath. “You are?” He held me away so he could read my face.
    I remembered what Troy said and took his sincere words to heart. “Yeah.”
    A giant smile spread over his face. “I’m so glad. We didn’t follow you because we didn’t trust you. Our only thought was keeping you safe.” He shook his head. “We didn’t do a very good job.”
    “Oh, Dad.” I hugged him. “It wasn’t your fault. It was mine. I thought I could do it on my own. I thought I knew better.” The words caught in

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