Veer (Clayton Falls)

Veer (Clayton Falls) by Alyssa Rose Ivy Read Free Book Online Page B

Book: Veer (Clayton Falls) by Alyssa Rose Ivy Read Free Book Online
Authors: Alyssa Rose Ivy
then I went to see Matt.
    I knocked , and once again he waved me in. “Done already?”
    “Yes. Is there anything in particular you want me to do for this case?”
    “There has to be something more about assumption of risk that works for us. Do some research on that, okay?”
    “Sure.” I nodded and walked out.
    I was still buried in case law when I felt two hands on my shoulders. I jumped, surprised by the contact.
    “Sorry to surprise you, but I’m going to get some lunch . W ant to join me?” Matt didn’t re move his hands.
    I turned, thankfully forcing his hands away. “Oh, thanks for offering, but I think I’m going to go check on my car.” I was grateful I had an excuse. I needed to talk to Molly about whether things were always so touchy feely in her town. The thought of spending lunch trying to make conversation with my new boss unnerved me.
    “You can do that later. Come on, I insist.”
    Great. I couldn’t say no again . T hat would just make things worse . I was probably just blowing it out of proportion. “Okay.”
    “Good girl, let’s go.”
    Good girl? Did he really just say that? It took me a moment to process. It would have been one thing to hear that from a boss who was of a certain age, but coming from someone practically my age, so not cool.
    I followed him out and waited as he locked up the office.
    “Going to lunch?” Ronny rounded the corner.
    Matt looked up at him. “Yeah, about to.”
    “Great, we can all go together.” Ronny winked at me.
    I could have kissed him.
    “Sure, why not ? ” Matt sounded unenthusiastic.
    We walked down the block and stopped at a diner.
    “Has he been working you to the bone?” Ronny held open the door.
    “Nope. It’s been pretty reasonable so far.”
    “Good.” Ronny smiled as he slid into a booth next to me. Matt sat down across from us.
    “Do you know what you want to order?” A young waitress set three waters down on the table .
    I quickly ordered a chef salad , and both guys ordered double cheeseburgers with fries.
    “So what brought you down here this summer?” Matt asked.
    “A job .” I smile d .
    “I’m sure someone with your qualifications could have had a job in Boston.”
    “I was thrown when I wasn’t asked back to the DA’s office , and I had other things going on that prevented me from finding a job .” I really hoped he’d drop it.
    “Other things?”
    I took a sip from my water. “Yes, personal matters.”
    “Like a bad breakup?”
    Was he even serious? “No, not a bad breakup.”
    “So , is there someone back home then?”
    “Is this really relevant?” I asked.
    “Relevant?” Matt smiled. “Yes, it’s relevant to learning more about you.”
    “I just don’t see what my relationship status has to do with working as your law clerk.”
    He laughed, and then Ronny leaned in to me. “Sorry about him . H e has no manners.”
    I decided to play the one card I had . “If I had someone back home, would I be going out for coffee with Ronny?”
    Ronny grinned. “Good point.”
    M att stiffened. “Oh, I forgot about that .”
    T hat shut him up . Thankfully our meals came right then, and they were both too busy eating to bother with me.
    I ate my salad and excused myself as soon as it seemed appropriate. “If you don’t mind, I’m going to go check on my car.” I pulled out my wa llet, ready to leave some cash.
    “I’ve got it, don’t worry,” Ronny said quickly.
    “No, she works for me, I’ve got it.”
    “Let’s just make this easy.” I dropped a ten on the table and looked to Ronny to let him know I wanted out. He moved out swiftly.
    I nodded to Matt. “I’ll see you back in the office. If it takes longer than expected, I’ll make up the time later on.”
    “I’m sure you will,” he mumbled under his breath. I hoped he didn’t actually mean what he was implying.
    The garage was closed when I got there. Evidently, it closed from 12-1 every day for lunch. It would have been nice of one of

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